Thoughts of you linger Like the smell of freshly cut grass in the summer air. Sun blazing in the blue sky. Everything is still. The trees paralyzed In the heat of the mid day Comparable to the underlining fear within me. That doesn't go away. Others admire the beauty that they see. Unknowing of the... Continue Reading →



September 15 2017 As I am wrapping up my 6 weeks in residential treatment I wanted to share my take on spirituality and how it relates to my journey in recovery. Not to be mistaken for religion. I feel that spirituality is a belief in a higher power, something outside of yourself. It is a... Continue Reading →

Goodbye, Hello.

Goodbye In my darkest, loneliest nights you wrapped me in your arms. No matter where I was going, you were never far. I remember the moment I met you it was one of those nights where the gaping hole, within my soul could no longer put up a fight -          comparable to love at first... Continue Reading →

The painful beginnings

The scent of cigarette smoke weaved itself through the tension felt in the air at my grandma’s apartment that day. I had arrived with a knot of adrenaline that had been formulating deep within my core from the moment I received the news – she had let us down again. I could feel the adrenaline... Continue Reading →

An Introduction

People jeopardize their lives for the sake of making the moment livable. Nothing sways them from the habit—not illness, not the sacrifice of love and relationship, not the loss of all earthly goods, not the crushing of their dignity, not the fear of dying. The drive is that relentless. - Gabor Maté, In the Realm... Continue Reading →

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